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PMOs should be agile and efficient to deliver profitability with a good return on investment. Understanding your organisation’s PMO helps identify the strengths and weaknesses in your operation to make the necessary improvements to reach maturity.


Seeing the whole picture

Organisations and industry standards continue to evolve. Achieving maturity in your PMO brings significant improvements in scheduling, budgets, and the quality of your project management and delivery. Knowing the status of your PMO maturity is the first step to identify areas for change and improvement.

At CPS, our Consultants improve your project and portfolio management holistically through a 3-stage packaged maturity assessment process that includes a full analysis of your PMO or PfO.

Stage 1: ‘Current State’ Assessment

Our highly experienced PMO Consultants review existing governance, process, and operating models through a workshop environment. This allows CPS to ensure we make best use of the organisational strengths and helps us to identify any specific changes that may need to be made to ensure industry best practice.

On completion of this stage, you will understand the effectiveness and perceived value of your PMO.

Stage 2: ‘To Be’ Assessment

By reviewing the organisational goals compared to the organisation as it stands, our Consultants can recommend the best organisational fit that also gets the most out of industry standard methods and products, but without losing what makes your organisation special.

On completion of this stage, you will fully understand where the gaps are in your PMO and have a strategy in place to improve your PMO’s maturity.

Stage 3: Roadmap  

On completion of stage one and two, our Consultants will produce a detailed roadmap explaining what needs to be delivered including, alignment, prioritisation, and phasing of the initiatives. We can provide the consultancy to get you started or provide full project management from start to finish to take your PMO to maturity.

Why choose CPS’ PMO Maturity Assessment Services? 

Our PMO Consultants have wide ranging backgrounds, ensuring that our clients benefit from best‐in‐class PMO governance, processes and tools that support the robust and repeatable delivery of portfolios, programmes and projects throughout the organisation.

Through our consulting services over 25 years, CPS has a strong track record across both public and private sectors and are perfectly placed to deliver tailored support for project and programmes of any size and complexity.

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