Better team collaboration in the workplace


07 Mar Better team collaboration in the workplace

Team collaboration in the workplace has never been better. When it comes to communication methods and ways to share work with one another, we have several tools at our disposal:-

  • Email
  • Video conferencing 
  • Social networks 
  • Instant messaging.

Microsoft’s latest communication and collaboration tooling is set to improve enterprise-wide collaboration even further. Microsoft Teams is the workplace collaboration hub available for users of Office 365, enabling employees across an organisation to collaborate through instant messaging, document sharing, calls and meetings, all in one place.

Make your work quicker, seamless, and more insightful

Why Teams?

With the omnipresence of social media, Microsoft Teams fits nicely with our current culture of communication. What’s more social media channels have increased our use of single and group messaging. Being able to see a list of conversation threads including messages that everyone has contributed to, makes it easier for the whole team to understand what is happening with a piece of work or the status of a project. Teams also brings all the positive aspects of the other communication tools together in one central hub. 

Teams fixes other tools’ shortcomings

Email ‘changed the game’ when it was first introduced. But it also tends to create information silos as important information can be inadvertently squirreled away in individual inboxes, hidden from the rest of the team. This hinders collaboration and productivity. Instead, with Teams, all the information is in one place where everyone can see it and comment and contribute instantly. So, no more missed communications or issues with getting hold of the latest version of a file.

Like Skype for Business or a social network like Yammer, Teams offers an immediate way of chatting with colleagues. However, the former two can suffer from the same silo problem that affects email. For example, with Teams you can more easily share files, set appointments, flag events, create groups, and other tasks like video conferencing, all from a group-friendly platform enabling everyone to stay on the same page.

In fact, Microsoft are so confident about Teams’ ability and future success that they have announced plans for in-depth intention with the Skype for Business platform.

Your guide to better team collaboration in the workplace

Microsoft Teams can be used across organisations of any size and leveraged to great effect. Let’s have a look at examples of what this might look like:

Put together a presentation in real time

You are bidding for work with a new client, so you need to build a proposal that incorporates different parts of your creative and marketing teams. These teams are in different offices across the country and some are working from home. Microsoft Teams enables easier collaboration on the proposal, without the usual emails, notes, feedback, edits, different document versions, etc. being sent back and forth and extensive questions and comments adding to the noise. 

Microsoft Teams allows team members to open the proposal draft from within the app and have real-time discussions about the draft. Questions and suggestions are added instantly and in context. Edits can be made in the cloud, on the same document so you have a consistent version of the truth.

Combine with a world of apps

You are an online retailer and it’s the holiday season: your customer service team need a way to deal with the rush of enquires and other feedback.

Microsoft Teams connects with a wide range of third-party apps, meaning customer feedback and questions can be fed straight into your Teams conversation board. All Team members can then contribute to the discussion and suggest ways of resolving issues as they arise.

Hiring a new employee 

Microsoft Teams help streamline the recruitment process, through sharing and editing documents between departments that can be worked on simultaneously within the hub.

Microsoft Teams enables the HR team to set up a private and secure chat-based meeting in Teams and include the HR manager as well as the hiring manager. Documents can be viewed and shared within the collective Team space.

Bringing businesses together

Good communication and collaboration are essential to every business. Making sure your IT environment provides the best tools and solutions for your employees is essential for your business’s success.

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