What more can Microsoft 365 do for your organisation?

What more can Microsoft 365 do for your organisation?

  • 11 June,2021

Your organisation has already invested in the Microsoft 365 platform, begun the journey of implementation or already started using the services: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and Office 365. Is your organisation aware of the other services that could help employees be more efficient, boost productivity and maximise your return on investment?

The additional services that your business can access within the Microsoft 365 platform have large advantages to you, for instance the Power Platform services have an array of automation tools such as; Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents and Dataverse. These provide ways of automating common business processes, create multi device apps, produce rich, interactive reports that can help develop a data culture throughout the organisation, and Virtual Agents interacts with 100’s of different data sources to free up critical resource.

The Power Platform services sit within Office 365 along with Yammer, Sway, Stream, Forms and Microsoft Lists. Each of these provide different methods of producing community engagement resources such as; video sharing, digital forms (internal and external), digital media and simple tracking of content in excel-like lists. These Office 365 services provide powerful ways to engage staff in non-traditional ways.

The Power Platform is an accessible way for people, irrespective of experience, to increase productivity by automating process, standardising input and create consistent reports. Common examples of automation tasks are approvals on documents, movement of email attachments into centralised stores, and annual leave tracking requests and approvals. To put it simply, Power Platform has the tools to increase productivity through low code technology.

Microsoft Stream can be used for an internal video sharing service that can embed videos into Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online. Yammer can create communities to boost employee engagement, they can be used to gather ideas, provide feedback, keep everybody informed and even used as a questions and answers repository.

Microsoft lists can be used to create engaging ways to manage employee and business administrative tasks such as; issues management and resolution, employee onboarding activities, and asset management. Microsoft lists are simple, accessible and secure.

Microsoft 365 is a powerful resource and the services that your organisation can benefit from, whether they are ones that you already use or are yet to use, can be accessed and utilised from within the tools your workforce use day in day out. There is no need for your people to remember links or create favourites, embedding the different services and resources into intranets and Microsoft Teams can help drive culture change and promote better working habits throughout the organisation.

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