Using innovation to maintain your competitive edge

Using innovation to maintain your competitive edge

  • 09 September,2020

Organisations are putting more and more emphasis and focus into their innovation efforts, especially in these challenging times – but how are they managing this?  Innovation has always been seen as a way for organisations to stay competitive and grow in an ever-changing market, but if it is not being managed efficiently and effectively, how this innovation being acted upon?  More importantly, even if we are innovating, are we engaging the right people in this process, or are we just relying on a team of ‘innovation experts’?

Staff, customers and suppliers are usually keen contributors and extremely forthcoming with ideas, but organisations often then find that they are unable to manage, share and collaborate on these ideas, and idea generators often feel that their voice is not being heard.

By inviting employees, customers, suppliers, students etc to contribute ideas to your organisation in a structured, transparent, collaborative and easy to use idea management solution, their voice can be heard and acted upon, creating a culture where creativity can flourish and new ideas for innovations created.  We have all heard of those organisations that failed to innovate and lost their competitive edge and now cease to exist, but I am not here to name names!

Leveraging your Microsoft Office 365 investment

To really stay competitive, ahead of the competition, and to attract the best calibre of staff, innovation is key. CPS enables organisations to reach out to all employees and suppliers; helping them work smarter, deliver real return on investment and make sure that the organisation is the best it can be.  By utilising edison365ideas, an end-to-end idea management solution built on Office 365, we help turn an organisation’s ideas and challenges into visible and actionable plans.

Leveraging an organisation’s existing Microsoft Office 365 investment, edison365ideas gives every employee the tools to collaborate and submit ideas, and a structure that develops these ideas in alignment with corporate innovation strategy.

Building the foundations for progress within Microsoft Teams

Anybody can rate an idea and add their own, building the foundations for business progress from the insight of every employee. Keep track of every idea in your business, rank and select the best ones to refine them into real proven solutions. Users can also access the full functionality of edison365ideas within Teams. Any idea can be connected to a Tab, allowing it to be quickly accessed from within a Team; making collaborative working focused on an idea easy. Users can update the idea details, leave comments, rate, vote, and attach documents to an idea, without stepping outside of the Teams environment.

We frequently just talk about innovation from an internal point of view, i.e. our staff, students etc – but just as important is listening to the views of your suppliers, partners and customers.  Gaining the ability to collaborate externally opens your organisation up to an ever-expanding pool of knowledge.

Partners and suppliers have an in depth understanding of networks and materials used in the development of products and services, but also possess an external perspective to current processes.  Levering their insights can create new opportunities for a more sustainable future.

Taking ownership of your ideas

edison365ideas encourages ownership of an idea to engage your entire organisation and external stakeholders, through any device or browser with zero training.  The outcome of this means that organisations can benefit from deep, real-time insight into the efficacy of your business strategy, the engagement of your employees, and opportunities for innovation.

As Franklin D Roosevelt said:  there are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still!  We are all facing unprecedented times, and now more than ever it is pivotal that organisations keep employees engaged, keep developing innovate new products and services and keep one step ahead of the competition.

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