The Intelligent Intranet – What’s ‘coming soon’

The Intelligent Intranet – What’s ‘coming soon’

  • 05 November,2019

Oh my! I have never been into a 45 minute session where I’ve struggled to keep up with the pace of announcements through typing. I’m no slob when it comes to typing but I was struggling to keep up! So I’m going to try and create a highlights package of what I picked up on for the new intelligent intranet.

So first things first, Microsoft have actually listened to feedback – I know right?!  And that is apparent by the number of features that have been announced for SharePoint Intranets that are coming in the near future.

To start off with a little information on what the four key pillars of an intelligent intranet are:

  • Employee engagement and communications
  • Connect people, news, knowledge and apps
  • Knowledge and content management
  • Shared content solutions for any group

These all may seem simple, but in previous version of SharePoint would be much more difficult than one would think. We all remember SharePoint designer and the headaches that used to cause!

So what has happened by the sounds of things is that Microsoft are gradually providing the tools to create a complete manageable and natural Intranet to all. From simple editing experiences to page comparison functionality for multilingual comparisons.

So here goes a list of all the announcements with a brief description:

  • A home site at core is a communication site with some additional features
    • I.E the full length column that can be set outside of sections
  • Mega menus will support Audience targeting
    • Only want the HR team to see a particular set of links, well this would be the tool for that!
  • My Feed web part
    • A new web part that shows all the content that is relevant to the user. This utilises the Microsoft graph and shows information based on nodes that are nearest to the individual.
  • SharePoint Mobile app enhancements
    • Ability to brand the mobile experience. I think this will use the root site theme as the default.
  • Audience targeting is back!
    • Target navigation, news, highlighted content and the your/my feed web part to particular web parts
    • Oh it also works on Hub Navigation
  • Synchronisation of Hub Permissions
    • All associated sites will get the hub permissions and their own sites permissions – this would require careful planning as could potentially result in permission overwriting
    • Can be enabled or disabled at the hub level and i think the associated site level to.
  • A new PowerShell command to convert a classic site into a communication site
    • this is a permanent change that can’t be undone!
  • A image stock library is coming soon created by Microsoft!
  • Page compare functionality
    • Used to compare the difference in pages. Very useful for the multilingual implementations
  • Wiki linking syntax is back
    • Open those square brackets to see the pages in the site to start dynamically linking between the two