Returning to work with no stress

Returning to work with no stress

  • 01 November,2019

You have prepared to go on holiday and you have had a lovely time.  You told everyone that you would be out but still, they have sent you emails and you have actions as a result.

For each email,  assess it based on the following process:

Return to work flow diagram

The aim of this exercise is to categorise the emails and either respond to them or move them so that there are no emails in your inbox.

To do this need to scan each email and make some key decisions:

Does the email require an action from you?

So now you should have all of your emails either responded to and filed away without the need to think about them, or in a folder to action or a folder to read.

On the first day back, the priority is probably to review the contents of the “To Action” folder and respond to as many as possible and then move them to the “To File” or “Waiting” folders”

Personally, I use the integration with Microsoft To-Do to allow me to flag e-mails that need more time to respond to as they are then visible within Microsoft To-Do, but more of To-Do in a later post.