How to Create a Task from a Microsoft Teams Message

How to Create a Task from a Microsoft Teams Message

  • 29 October,2020

Oh, how I have been waiting for this!  As I successfully get more communications in Teams,  I unfortunately pick up more tasks from Teams messages, but as Planner morphs to Tasks, I see more of my To Do tasks in Teams so yet again, I have less reasons to leave Teams. So how do I create a task from a Microsoft Teams message in To Do ? Well, actually, it is really simple:

Step 1 – Create a New Flow

1) You need a new Flow, but make sure it is “Instant – from Blank”

2) Select the “For a selected message” trigger from Microsoft Teams

3) Next step is to edit the adaptive card by clicking on the button that says just that

4) I have created a simple Adaptive Card from the default template generated as part of the trigger

5) The Task Title input is called “taskTitle” and Due Date is a an input called “taskDueDate”

6) I have put some text make it clear which task list the task will be created in

7) Next step is to add an Action

8) Select the “Add a to-do (V2)” action

9) The fields I have put in are the title and Due Date from the Adaptive Card and in the content, some details of the message

10) Give your Flow a name and save it

Step 2 – Now over to Microsoft Teams

1) When you select a conversation as if you were going to react to it, select the elipsis to see “More Options”

2) Select “More actions”

3) You should see your Flow showing in the list of actions

4) Selecting your Flow will bring up the Adaptive Card

5) Enter your title and a date if you want to

6) Go to “Planner” (Soon to be Tasks) in Teams

7) In your default Tasks list you should see your Task

A key benefit of using “Planner” (Soon to be Tasks) in Teams is that when you click on the Link to the message it opens in the Teams App – If you click the same link in the To Do app, it opens a browser page and then opens the Teams App.

And that is all there is to it!  Now you know how to create a task from Microsoft Teams message. Now go and start creating your own Tasks.

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